METU - Middle Eastern Technical University Ankara, Turkey
European Workshop "Gecekondu", 2006
"Constructing Density"

Community Center Schlieren, Switzerland, 2005
"Strategies for Urban Development of the Limat Valley"

German Architecture Museum, Frankfurt, Germany
Invited Speaker, Third International Architecture Symposium 2004
"New Libraries in Europe - University Library Magdeburg"

ETH Zürich, Switzerland
"Tuesday Positions" Lecture Series 2004
"Material Aspects : Bruce Goff vs. Frank Gehry"

Community Center Kernen, Germany, 2003
"Housing For Changing Needs - Strategies for Flexibility"

University of Stuttgart
Lecture Series of the Institute for Building Sciences 2002
"Public Libraries - New Typologies"

Academy of Arts Stuttgart
Evening Lecture Series 2001

Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences, 2000
"Design Process / University Library Magdeburg"

Academy of Arts Stuttgart
Lecture Series Building in Context 1998
"Competition for the University Library Magdeburg"